About us

Denimburg is strategically located in the City of Edinburg, at the southern tip of Texas to serve both North American and Latin American markets. Denimburg, as its name hints, the “City of Denim,” is now open for business and ready to sell its denim fabric to NAFTA, CAFTA and the world. Currently, the company operates in a 33 acres’ area, within a 280,000 sq. ft. facility, with the most advanced automated technology available in the textile industry today, making this facility the most modern North American textile mill.

Denim is proudly made within the factory from cotton to fabric, which include cotton cleaning, spinning, indigo dyeing, sizing, weaving, and finishing processes. All manufacturing process is done in the United States, which makes Denimburg one of few, “Made in USA” denim textile industries.

Mission Statement

Attend to the necessities of the market in a self-sustaining way in perfect interaction with our clients, providers and collaborators.

Vision Statement

 To be a reference company in the world of textile market, with emphasis on innovation and Social-advisory responsibility.

Denimburg U.S.A

Our work as a manufacturing Denim mill in the United States.